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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Early Birthday Treat to Burton's Grill

I don't remember giving my email address to Burton's Grill but I received a free appetizer as a birthday gift. Their contemporary environment was my great escape from the heavy rain. I was told from the waitress that the food is made from scratch in their kitchen. That's how it should always be.

Lemon Drop: Lemoncello with ketel one citron vodka, complete with a sugar rim and lemon wedge. I love anything sour. Mind as well call me a lemon-head.

I honestly don't remember the name of that dip but I thought it was spirulina oil. It was good!

Calamari: Point judith rhode island calamari lightly breaded and fried, served with tartar sauce. I had my fair share of calamari. It was not the best but still very delicious.

Risotto of The Day: Mushroom, Chicken & Asparagus. It was a delectable dish but not something I would eat after chowing down calamari. The texture & taste was too cheesy for me. I should have ordered a soup but then that wouldn't go right with the Lemon Drop. At least I managed to finish my risotto with a smile on my face.

Dessert? I didn't order any since none were listed on the lunch menu. It was not my real birthday so it didn't matter. The closest thing to a dessert was my free birthday gift from Sephora. I can't wait to bathe in this tonight smelling like sweet Vanilla.


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