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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Partying It Up in Lantana

Congratulations to Samantha & Jeff!

Here I am with May. I love my new red snake skin heels!

I heart Wedding Cakes.

The steak was in desperate need of sriracha sauce but the chicken was really juicy. My plate disappeared when I left the table to the dance floor. I had only two bites of that chicken!

It was a really fun night. It was hilarious watching everyone dancing to Cambodian music. I still don't know how to properly move my hands to the songs so it looked like I was doing hula dancing. Next time I mustn't forget my fold-able flats. Thanks for reading. Until next time! -Z


Anonymous said...

what can kind of a camera do you use?!

Zyna P. said...

Nikon D3100

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