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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chocolate Cake baked by a NOOB (Me)

Two more days and it'll be my Son's 4th Birthday so I decided to bake him a cake today. My second time baking a cake since last Friday. If you've been following my twitter then you know what happen to that cake. I bought a lock lid cake holder this time to keep it in a safe place or at least reduce the chances of being demolished by a toddler.

Finally bought a basic decorating set. I kept it basic with vanilla frosting as the decor especially since I'm a beginner..."NOOB".

This is my result. My 1st frosting decor. I know it looks really sloppy. I needed to use two hands to keep myself from shaking but it was annoying how I needed to turn the cake around as well. If only I had a turntable. I even forgot to buy wax papers & a cake board. I was planning to use those to have the chocolate frosting look flat. I read about it from an awesome blog called Sugar Sweet Cakes & Treats: Covering a Cake in Ganache. I'm planning a shopping list of supplies that can improve my baking experience. Practice makes Perfect.


Anonymous said...

this is perfect. happy early birthday to your son~

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