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Friday, September 23, 2011

His 4th Birthday :-)

My little man is officially 4 since yesterday. There were times he was a bit naughty but hey boys will be boys and besides it was his birthday. I started him off with a breakfast at The Neighborhood Restaurant & Bakery in Somerville, MA. When we 1st entered, I admitted that we felt a little lost. We thought that we had to wait to be seated but in this place you sit down at any empty table and be served with a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or orange juice. Very friendly service indeed.

Started off with some Fresh Fruits. You can never go wrong with that.

What's great for a cold rainy day? Something hot & sweet called Creamy Potato Soup. I really want to learn how to make this at home since Fall is here.

Sirloin steak, 3 eggs, Toast and Home-fries
This really tasted like a home cook meal. The fries were nicely season, which I think it didn't need any ketchup (I usually avoid using condiments to experience the full flavor). I ordered my steak medium rare (it always comes out medium well in most restaurants from my experience). Thankfully they added the lemon because I'm a huge fan to anything sour. The steak would be plain without it. I gave my eggs away to my son since it reminded him of how I make breakfast every morning (he's a big fan to my sunny side ups). I usually crack the eggs into a bowl, slide them slowly into a small nonstick pan, sprinkle some fresh chopped scallions evenly and then cover. After a few minutes, remove the cover, slide the eggs onto a plate, add some fresh ground black pepper and serve with rice. His favorites are usually the simple ones.

I didn't realize that my toasts were on another plate and it came with a muffin too!

My son's hair was a mess since he got that blue monster hat. 

He loves the camera a little bit too much. His children plate; French Toast, Bacon and Home-fries. He didn't like his French Toast and didn't touch his bacon. I should have ordered him pancakes. He was more into my plate than his own. He always does this to me.

We waited hours just to get to Chuck E. Cheese. Traffic is so horrible around Boston and the neighboring cities. It's good to know that I got 150 FREE Tokens for the kiddies. As a Mom, you have to do your research!

Took nearly 40 minutes to receive this sampler. Seriously, it shouldn't take that long to cook this. I had starving guests!

It was nearly bedtime for him when we got home. I didn't want him to miss his chance on blowing out the candles on his birthday (Magic Candles HEHE). Thank god he didn't spit on the cake! It was funny to watch him blow out the candles. I'm so glad that I baked him a cake because it came out so good & heavenly moist.

He's truly my lil' monster<3


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