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Monday, September 26, 2011

Phantom Gourmet Food Festival Boston 2011

My sister & I arrived at The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival before 12PM. Just minutes away from Kenmore Station. Before crossing the street, we realized there was a very long line that stretches around the corner. To the end of the line we went with anticipation. While we were waiting, this pamphlet was handed to us. A checklist to 85 Phantom's Favorites! Unfortunately, I didn't bring a pen. It was a good thing that I brought my camera to keep track of what I ate.

The 1st thing we noticed was that there were a lot of desserts...you can guess that I skipped that part until we spotted Yummies handing out candy bracelets!

It was about to get really crowded

They decided to have their wedding at Phantom Gourmet. 1st time in PG History?

We got out of the crowd and sweltering heat into the House of Blues (Yes, AC!)

I wished I can go back in time and revisit Ginger Betty's Bakery. There were so many sweets to sample and I only took a bite into one...☹ I can always visit them in Quincy, MA at least.

I wanted to grab this little gingerbread & vamoose! (^w^.)

1st time trying Coffee Break and it tastes AWESOME! I'll remember to make a stop to one of their locations in Quincy, MA. I recommend to read "How it All Began" on their site. I'm curious to see how their cafe is really like. I'll have to remember to make sure to bring my Phantom Gourmet Certified 1/2 OFF card 

This was a refreshing treat. I noticed that a lot of people were grabbing samples but forget to grab "discounts". Next time I'm in the market, I'm getting a $1 off for my GaGa (^_-)☆

You would think 4hrs was enough time to sample everything but can you make enough room to try all the goodies? I tried 1 Red Velvet Key Lime from Cakes by Erin.Not too sweet just the way I like it. If only I had a box like the lady next to me. She was creating a meal on her plate...wait where did she get that? Next year I'm bringing Ziploc bags & a fold-able tote bag for the sweets. There were rules against bringing large bags & backpacks but I've seen plenty who made it inside.

Have you ever tasted a BEER INFUSED ice cream before? This one is fresh churned & hand crafted from The Sunset Grill & Tap (Best of Boston 2011). Too be honest, I wasn't impressed. It had an aroma of an Ale, but flavor wise it was mostly like any other ice cream. Don't let my opinion stop you from trying it though.

One of the most popular spots was Jasper White's SUMMER SHACK. There weren't enough clams for everyone during the last hour of PG Food Fest. As soon the clams were off the grill, a creamy sauce was poured onto it. I couldn't wait for it to cool down. It was so yummy that I endured the scorching flavor.

It was so generous of The Meat House to handle me their...sample size steak. I only took 3 bites and threw the rest away. Before you get upset, it was good but could of been great if we were given some sauce on the side like A1. I would have seriously eaten this all if I had a place to sit down to relax, but imagine walking in a huge crowd while it was 80°F. A lot of times we were told to stay off the side walks because we were supposedly blocking people from walking. From what I remembered, there were way more people on the streets than on the sidewalks. I was only on the very edge of the sidewalk too. Last thing I need is to cause trouble and get kicked out from my 1st PG Food Fest.

We heard the Meat Ball Eating Contest was about to began so we hurried on back. The House of Blues were packed with PG Phans!

That's Sonya Thomas a.k.a The Black Widow. She pwned the total of the 3 men with 41 meatballs. Looking back at that video, she drank a lot of water after each meatball! Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) was being played in the background. So tell me fellas, do you like woman who can eat? (Sonya weighs in at 105lbs).

My Sample from The Dining Car. I can't believe my sister didn't grab one. She told me that she was full. That was why I only took a few bites from each samples and especially when there were so many to eat.

Cherry Peppers stuffed with Provolone & Proscoitto Ham from Vega. I hope this is sold at my local market because I wanted more of these!

After a shot of Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee, we head on back to the House of Blues for the Grand Finale; So You Think You Can Dance with a Whoopie Pie Contest. Not sure if I want to upload the video to YouTube. I'm happy for the couple that won. Most of the time I'm heard from the crowd, "OMG!" "I can't believe she's doing that" "That's disgusting"...etc. Those comments were for the other team that didn't won.

There were more food I wanted to try but many were closing up since there were none left. I guess next year I'm going to have to eat & walk faster. I hope many more would join me on my Foodie Adventure.


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