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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tofu diet?

(Trying out this new blogger app for iPhone) I think I've been eating too much meat lately. My breakfast consisted mostly bacon, sausages & pancakes since it was quick & easy. I remember yesterday's lunch was 3 spicy buffalo wings, celery sticks & creamy caesar on the side. Reminds me of Friendly's appetizer when I think about it. So today I decided to have something healthy for lunch at Pho Minh Ky; Tofu Spring Rolls & Curry. I'm not too crazy about the Spring Rolls. The texture was too chewy if you asked me. Now the Curry that has Pineapple cubes & slices of tomatoes complimented the fried tofu. That was a vegetarian dish worth eating. I don't know the full Vietnamese name for the dish but it's #128 if you want to try it at Pho Minh Ky in Lynn.


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