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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello Old Blog

I recommend viewing in Magazine mode. The codes are so 2 years ago. So a lot has happened since my last post…looking at that exact date gave me the chills. I've been super busy with LIFE. That word still makes me shrug sometimes. I've decided to pick up my camera again and give it another go. I post often here http://instagram.com/swadorgk to share with the world to a wider audience.  I've thought about uploading Hi-Res images here since the quality on Instagram is so-so. Maybe it’s about time I wake up this old blog and give it another makeover. This theme color is so not me! Who decided on that anime mascot!? >< Technically I should have over 100-200 posts...back then I kept exporting/importing and made a huge mess! It's somewhere...out there ^^

I have so many photos over the past that I have yet to share! Maybe I'll start with my most recent one :-)

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