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Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Layout

Dig the new look? I removed a bunch of codes from the previous layout. This is more me, simple. Editing in HTML is like a second language to me. I can never forget (^_^)

One of my best friends surprised me with Tomb Raider! It's not for keeps but it's better than nothing. I finally get to see what this is all about. I tend to avoid reading reviews on video games since that usually ruins the surprise. I'm still at the beginning and already I feel so much agony for young Laura. This is shockingly new to me. Maybe because it's more like a movie since as the plot unfolds it pulls you right in...No spoilers here!

Before I get addicted to Tomb Raider, I need to finish collecting the remaining Skyrim trophies...Not the platinum but the addons :-)


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