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Monday, May 6, 2013

In The Mind [I]

You can't depend on your eyes
when your imagination is out of focus. -Mark Twain

I am used to doing things on my own, minding my own business, keeping issues to myself, avoiding the wrong crowd and being a Mom. So many events had occurred that build up my character to this point in life. Sometimes I am genuinely nice or insanely crazy. It depends on how I am treated of course. I will return it in a form called Karma.

I am open to small talk, if necessary, just to avoid the awkward silence. Heed my words; I am not going to remember your name unless you make a good impression on me. Someone like Emma Stone or Emma Watson is my ideal candidate. I adore a strong intellectual mind that is adventurous. I am not being judgmental, I am just picky.

To me, it matters who you let in your life. I believe in that saying, “You are who you surround yourself with” and I definitely want to surround myself with the people who will bring the best in me. I prefer genuine long-term friendships who you can share you success with. Aren't those one the best conversations you can have with someone? Completing goals day by day is just another step closer to achieving a dream.

Now that my son is old enough, it is becoming more tangible to grasp that dream. I honestly feel like I am alone in this one but that is okay. It is something that I am used to during the past 5 years. It is nothing new to me so I know I can get passed that challenge. I read somewhere that it is best to keep a goal a secret or else it will never come true. Maybe this is something I would do as well unless I have not already done so. The remaining thoughts are just another addition to the Archive of Secrets in The Mind waiting to emerge one day.


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